Concerning the right of use of the
AnthroMed CLINICAL NETWORK trademark

Any clinical establishment which sees itself connected with the working principles of Anthroposophic Medicine can apply for the right to use the AnthroMed trademark, which is the property of AnthroMed Non-profit Ltd.

This right of use can pertain to a medical institution as a whole (e.g. a hospital) or to individual departments. Before the right of use is granted the institution in question undergoes a certification process according to a set of criteria that is continuously revised and updated. The first step of this process involves a self-assessment of the institution’s fulfillment of five main criteria.

Subsequently, the institution is visited by two representatives of AnthroMed (including at least one doctor) in order to review and discuss their application.

Assuming this investigation is positive and the licensing agreement is signed, the institution’s AnthroMed trademark is then valid for three years. If an extension is desired, there is a re-examination.