Process quality in the

This concerns the conditions that have to be met in an AnthroMed-certified facility in order to facilitate anthroposophic work practices.

Essential framework conditions:

  • Social form: Patient-oriented services, including possibilities for the co-worker’s individual development in Anthroposophic Medicine, belong to the mission of the institution. This includes the concept of a therapeutic community and inter-professional discussions of individual patients.
  • Anthroposophical culture: The institution offers the opportunity to work with anthroposophy. It is also sensitive to the principles of anthroposophic architecture in terms of aspects of internal and external design.
  • Cooperation: The institution is a member of the Association of Anthroposophic Clinics Charity.
  • Nutrition: The institution utilizes, as much as possible, produce from biodynamic farms and gardens, and works with the concept of a health-promoting diet in terms of food preparation and administration. Also, nutrition counseling is offered.
  • Spirituality: There is a conscious approach to treat both birth and death as equally belonging to life. This means as well that the deceased are provided with a special room where they can lie in state, and that there are coworkers available who assure that this process is handled with care and dignity.

In addition, the institution participates in various external certification systems such as KTQ, EFQM, Ways to Quality, or ISO. Special certifications such as "Baby Friendly Hospital", "Environment-Friendly Hospital", "Health promoting hospital", or similar quality marks, are also sought.